Suchada (“Su-cha-da”)provides traditional Thai massage for general health maintenance and well-being by licensed massage practitioners. Our practitioners have received formal massage training in the U.S. and most have also received extensive training in traditional Thai massage in Thailand – many have trained at Wat Po, the most prominent massage educational facility in Thailand.

Suchada Thai Massage is a woman-owned business that continues a family tradition of massage and herbal spa. The first Suchada, started in the late 1940’s by the owner’s grandmother, was a well known salon and herbal spa destination in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We started Suchada in San Francisco’s Richmond District in 2006 and moved to 690 King Street in 2007. In 2009 we opened a second, larger location at 38 Bryant Street in San Francisco (at The Embarcadero). Both locations are decorated in traditional Thai style with furniture, fabric and art work imported from Thailand.

In April 2012, we opened Suchada Herbal Spa. Suchada Herbal Spa is an eco-friendly, sustainable spa where busy professionals can pamper themselves with organic treatments. Unlike, the other two locations, Suchada Herbal Spa also offers a dry sauna where you can relax after your treatment while enjoying a cup of herbal tea and some fresh fruit.

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